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Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance of the municipality came into being as the result of the mandate in the Letter of Introduction (LOI) No. 729 dated August 1978 by the Office of the President. This plan was submitted for review and approval to the Ministry of Human Settlements, more particularly the Human Settlements Regulatory Commission (HSRC) which was later made into the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. HLURB approved this CLUP covering the period 1984 to 1993 on March 17, 1987.

Republic Act (RA) 7160, otherwise known as Local Government Code of 1991, likewise mandates the same. Article 41 of the code states that the LGU shall continue to prepare their CLUP enacted through Zoning Ordinances.

Lately, the Office of the President in a memorandum, instructed all LGU’s to update their respective CLUP’s and then submit it for review and approval not later than December 31, 2000. To hasten the completion of the CLUP, Antique Integrated Area Development (ANIAD) Foundation in cooperation with HLURB facilitated a training on updating of CLUP&339;s for the province of Antique. In like manner, the Provincial Planning and Development Office assisted the municipal planning staff in this endeavor.

To further strengthen the capabilities of the Municipal Technical Working Group, the LGU through the LIPASECU Bay Wide Management Council, requested the Local Government Support Program (LGSP) to assist in the preparatory activities of the CLUP. This technical assistance covered sectoral planning, refinement and review of the draft.

The LGU envision that these efforts are essential ingredients towards a well-planned and effective CLUP. It entered into a MOA with Green Forum to undertake mapping activities. Green Forum is tasked to prepare the base maps, general and urban land use maps, and such other maps as maybe required.

To safely approve at an acceptable plan, representation of different sectors and barangay officials were requested to submit concerns or proposals. Sound criticism from the general public was gathered through conduct of a public hearing.

The CLUP shall be the primary and dominant basis for future use of local resources and for reclassification of lands. The plan is flexible and is subject to future changes and needs geared towards improved quality of life and sustainable development of the municipality.